“I wish I had booked Sumit earlier to do my website. Wow so many great reviews so I knew this was the person for my task.
Sumit was able to follow my directions super clearly and was always communicating with me each step to inform me of what he was working on. He was also able to make recommendations on what I can do to make my website work the best. I am so happy with the layout and design of my website, it finally looks really professional but also stylish and Sumit was able to stay on brand with the colours and styles used throughout the website. Sumit also set up secure payments for me so that all my customers details are looked after. I will definitely be keeping his contact details on hand for any future work I may need and have already recommended to other colleagues.
Thank you, thank you for the amazing service!”
Adora-Jane Bonadeo



Beecroft, Sydney, Australia



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Questions Relevant to Website Maintenance : 


Do you know the number of web users surfing your website?

Can you tell the time duration people spend on your website?

Are you happy with how fast the web pages upload?

Does your website look catchy or bland?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, then you’re in deep trouble.


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Building a relevant, updated, and attractive website is not a one-day task. It is a continuous daily process that requires regular updates and security checks.

Summit Brands is a leading service provider of web maintenance and hosting. When we say we take care of the maintenance of your site, we update your website and provide the modern tech tools to keep it secure and safe.

We take great pride as a leading company providing world-class and premium web maintenance across Sydney.

We specialize in equipping your website with the latest tools so that it never loses quality and authenticity.

From your website’s presentation to layout and from content update to firewall protection, we provide a wholesome web maintenance experience for our clients.

If you choose to work with us, you can put your worries aside to update content, running backups, error checking, and speed test. We will do all of this so you can put your attention entirely on progressing your business.

If you want your website to run smoothly, you need to provide it with proper maintenance. We have got economical and cost-effective plans. Choose one that suits you the best, and let’s get it started.